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At the moments there are much more opportinuties for the Band’s creative work Central Frontier Ensemble of FSS Russia today is Variety – symphony orchestra, Brass Band, Big-Band, String Quartet, Brass Quartet, Choir, ballet group, variety group.

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Estradno-symphonic orchestra

The estradno-symphonic orchestra is created some years ago. A priority problem of this collective is active concert activity.

In spite of the fact that the estradno-symphonic orchestra has been created more recently, its concert biography grows every year. Only in 2008-2009 the collective left with concerts on the Vladimir region, republic Kareliya, republic Tatarstan, Udmurdsky republic, the Bashkir republic, republic Tyva, Primorski Territory.

The special place in ensemble performances is occupied with its ballet group under the direction of the National actor of Russia Gennady Minha. The perfected movements of executors, colourful suits make unforgettable impression and do not leave any indifferent spectator in a hall. Tricks and dizzy pirouettes performed by soloists of dancing group very effectively look.

Brass Band

The high performing level of Brass Band of the Ensemble allow to provide musical accompaniment of any activity. In the repertoire of Brass Band there are the best samples of Russian and foreign classics, patriotic works, folklore, original plays for a brass band and light variety music. A great attention is deserved by a bright defiling – show of the orchestra, that is based on movements and reformation of musicians that is accompanied by popular music of peoples of the world.

Big band

Big band was established in 1989. Even the first performances on the radio, TV and in concerts revealed that a new jazz band with an irresistible sense of style and distinguishingly vibrant presence had appeared on the Russian scene.

The big band consists of such well-known musicians in Russia and abroad such as Viktor Guseynov, Vladimir Motov, Sergey Rezancev, Georgiy Albegov, Michael Shifer, Vladimir Vasilkov and others. In 1990, the big band went on a tour of the U.S. where it met with enormous success. Then U.S. President Richard Nixon, who attended one of its many concerts, personally congratulated the Orchestra on its excellent performance. The Orchestra received rave reviews and was showered with a storm of positive publicity following its performances at The First Moscow International Festival which was held in memory of Glenn Miller in 1994, the festival Evrazia 1997 in Orenburg and at the Moscow festival Jazz '98, It is noted by the diploma for performance at XXVIII international festival of modern music «the Moscow autumn - 2006».


A doubtless ornament of performance estradno-symphonic and a wind band are its soloists.

Euard Labkovsky
the National actor of Russia
(bass baritone)

Lyudmila Nazarenko
the Deserved actress of Russia
(a variety soprano)

Oksana Lesnichaja
the soloist of ensemble
(a classical soprano)

Ilja Victors
the soloist of ensemble

Igor Mihajlov
the soloist of ensemble

Simeon Shtyrhunov

Gennady Popov
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