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The Central Frontier ensemble of Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation is the leading musical group of FSS Russia. Its history has more than 70 years of successful creative activity, including not only its participation in official and state cultural events, but also a great number of concert performances in different regions of Russia and beyond its borders.

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The Biography of the Ensemble is an example of creative and structural evolution: from a small band with official functions to a great multifunctional band that is able to solve various creative tasks. Different names of the band that are found in the history of the band reflect a gradual change of its status:

  • the Orchestra of Moscow High Frontier Krasnoznamyonniy College;
  • Model Orchestra of Moscow Frontier Krasnoznamyonniy College KGB USSR;
  • Model Orchestra of Frontier Troops of KGB USSR;
  • Model Orchestra of Federal Frontier Service of Russian Federation;
  • Frontier Model Orchestra of FSS of Russia;
  • currently – Central Frontier Ensemble of FSS Russia.

At diffirent times great military conductors worked for the ensemble: V.Runov, E.Mazin, E.Steiskal, V.Revelev and people’s artist of Russia V.Veprentzev.:

In spite of a great variety of performances in concert halls and stadiums, at small frontier posts and cities, the visit card of the band has always been the performing mastery of its solists and the orchestra, parade drill, special creative programmes.

  • In 1992 a great Russian conductor E.F. Svetlanov chose this Ensemble to record 19 symphony by N.Myaskovskiy in the project «Anthology of Russian music»
  • The geography of tours of Central Frontier Ensemble of FSS Russian is getting wider every year. They have been on tour to all frontier Russia as well as frontiers of Byelorussia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kirgizia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia. The tours abroad have always been a great success: the USA, Germany, Austria, Poland, Norway, Denmark, Taiwan, China.
  • Centeral Frontier Ensemble of FSS Russia plays a significant role in the cultural life of the capital actively popularizing national and world musical art. The Band cooperates with the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the City Hall of Moscow, different institutions and creative unions of Russia, they performs with popular variety actors and solists of the leading theatres of the country: the state Academic Bolshoi Theatre of Russia, the Theatre named after Stanislawskiy and Nemirovich - Danchenko, the Moscow Theatre of Operetta and others.
  • One of the main tasks of Central Frontier Ensemble is participation in state events and festivals with the participation of the Russian President, members of the government and the Parliament, the authorities of FSS Russia and Frontier Body of FSS Russia.
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